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I'm starting with a Symfony2 project. I know the framework basics but I have a question: Where is the right place to pot those helper classes I create for help or for the business logic?

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you know for the sake of completion.. it would be nice to the rest of the community if you actually award a correct answer to one of the answers below, and then state how you've implemented the solution and if it worked out well for you at the end. SO is all about giving and taking, not just taking – abbood Jun 11 '14 at 7:13
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Max's answer is correct. However I question the path he recommends for your code.

The following classes and files have specific emplacements:

Service Container Extensions (belong in) DependencyInjection/


That says your Services should be placed in a folder called 'DependencyInjection', not 'Services'. In full, it should be src/Foo/BarBundle/DependencyInjection

I say this as someone that had the former and has just finished moving them all to the latter (!)

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You're wrong, you have to store DI Extensions in DependencyInjection, not the services itself. – PachinSV Jan 29 '15 at 22:15

The best way to keep the business logic is create service to handle all the logic. So it will be in: src/Foo/BarBundle/Services and you need to call the service in the services.yml

Regards, Max

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It should be singular: /Service The other directories are also singular – Jonas Wouters Nov 7 '13 at 13:37
Yeah I agree. Wrote this in hurry ;) – Max Małecki Nov 8 '13 at 9:06

You can create the custom classes under your Bundle, such as under a folder Helper/.. However, to use those helper in your code, you'll need to define those Helper(s) in your service description file (such as services.xml)... Then you can use $container->get('your_helper')->

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I recently did some small work on an existing Symfony2 project. As described by answer from Tuong Le, I created my Helper classes under the Helper directory of the bundle and class name with Helper suffix i.e. the helper class is located at:


I can use MyUtilHelper class in my bundle without calling the service container i.e. I didn't need to call.


I don't really know whether there is some special config. in my setup; someone already got it setup and I was just adding new functionality.

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What @Adam says is wrong, you have to store your Dependency Injection Extensions in DependecyInjection directory, not the services itself. In the documentation says that you can store your (custom) business logic classes in any place you like.

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