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The wordpress page/post editor enables the authors to insert html in the "html" tab. Some authors may insert ads or other stuff and make the pages cluttersome. I want to disable tags like <script>,<meta>,iframe etc. but want them to insert things like images and embed videos.

Is there a way to do this in wordpress 3.3.1 without removing the "html" tab of the editor ?

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You could strip this data when the content is displayed like so

add_filter('the_content', 'clean_post');

function clean_post($data) {
    return strip_tags($content, '<p><a><ul><li><img><video>');

The string pass into strip_tags as the second parameter is the list of tags you want to allow.

You can also do this before a post is saved. I think the filter is content_save_pre but don't recall off hand. I prefer to save user data as it's entered and clean it up on output.

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