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How do I connect my Java Desktop application with a PHP Web Application. Any example codes and technologies I should know of? I just want a simple implementation (its a school project and I don't have much time to perfect it)

On the web side, perhaps I can have a REST-ful API. But what about the Java Desktop side (I'm more of a web developer). How can I pull & pull data from my Java app?

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I have the same issue? what did you use for this purpose? –  Java Man Nov 11 '13 at 7:05
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You can create an http-endpoint in the desktop app as well. For instance you can embed a simple servlet container like jetty.

Once you have a servlet container, you can use something like Jersey to write a REST API (or you can just use the Servlet API).

Another option is to create a ServerSocket in the java app, and connect to it from the php app.

There is also a php-java bridge, if you want to get really fancy ;)

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