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I have UIScrollView with BIG subview with lots small CATiledLayers displaying images.

With zoomDidEnd I set new scale:

[tilesContainer setContentScaleFactor:scale];

cause redraw tilesContainer view with all it's layers with:

-(void)drawLayer:(CALayer *)layer inContext:(CGContextRef)ctx 

And I get perfect result: detailed images after zoom.

But there is a blink of all those layers (when loading new data).

Is it possible to hide it somehow?

I need to hold the old images in layers till load the new one.

Thanks a lot for any help!

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subclass the CATiledLayer and return fadeDuration of 0 to disbale the "blink".

fadeDuration The time, in seconds, that newly added images take to "fade-in" to the rendered representation of the tiled layer. The default implementation returns 0.25 seconds.

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