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I'd like to show the AppBar when a page fragment loads, but this code running in the ready function isn't working as expected:

function ready(element, options) {
    var appBar = document.getElementById("appBar").winControl;
    appBar.disabled = false;

How do I show the AppBar when the page fragment loads?

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Assuming you are creating the appbar correctly in the HTML file.

Then, in the ready method, you should first call

        .then(function () {
              var appbar = document.getElementById("appBar");
              if (appbar) {

According to MSDN documentation, processAll function "applies declarative control binding to all elements, starting at the specified root element." (i.e. turning all the html element into WinJS controls)

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I've tried the following piece of code:


And it works as expected(app bar is shown on page load).

The same way also used at the msdn sample: App bar sample

It seems that you have another problem(invalid controls on app bar or something else).

Could you please provide more details or even app sample?

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