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I have 3 tables:


id, address, city, zipcode

persons (1500 records)

id, address_id, firtname, lastname, sex, title

buildings (100 records)

id, address_id, name, type_of_building

Multiple persons/buildings share the same address. I need to list all addresses with its person or building info. So, my query should return a total of 1600 records.

What kind of query do I need to write to retrieve this information?

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Because you need all of the records from two different datasets, you need to use an INNER JOIN with a UNION. Something like this might work:

SELECT p.id, p.firstname, p.lastname, p.sex, p.title, a.address, a.city, a.zipcode
FROM persons p
  INNER JOIN addresses a on a.id = p.address_id


SELECT b.id, b.name, '', '', b.type_of_building, a.address, a.city, a.zipcode
FROM buildings b
  INNER JOIN addresses a on a.id = b.address_id
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Thanks, that's what I was looking for. –  Francois Mar 19 '12 at 2:32

This would be a UNION, because you want to merge the results of two different datasets. In order to get the unified information, you need to use the same fields, so I will use samples:

(SELECT address_id, firstname AS value1, lastname AS value2, sex AS value3, title AS value4 FROM persons)
(SELECT address_id, name AS value1, type_of_building AS value2, 0 AS value3, 0 AS value4 FROM buildings)
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