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I have the following polymorphic method call with two abstract Segment parameters, however i have an error associated with this call

    public static void Connected(Segment s1, Segment s2)
            //further working code

I have defined a number of abstract methods

    public abstract bool Connected(derivedSegment0 s);
    public abstract bool Connected(derivedSegment1 s);
    public abstract bool Connected(derivedSegment2 s);
    public abstract bool Connected(derivedSegment3 s);

Which for each derived class have implemented each of these (so 16 in total in this example)

    public override bool Connected(derivedSegment0 s)
        //working code

Its unclear to me why the call doesn't compile. I have the error CS1502: The best overloaded method match for 'Segment.Connected(derivedSegment1)' has some invalid arguments. Thanks

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You're trying to do double-dispatch, which C# does not support.
In C#, all overload resolution (except dynamic) is done entirely at compile-time.

Instead, you can use the visitor pattern.

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