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I would like to display few buttons with button count like this.

enter image description here

Is there any pre made php framework available which generates this type of buttons.

If not can anyone give me the official page url where i can generate fshare and pin it buttons


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You can generate them from There is actually no server side code, just html and javascript

For the other buttons, see this page:

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Hi thanks for your answer. I already tried add this. But i see only three buttons there with count. I want all the above mentioned buttons. Can you tell me how to customize it? Thanks – user1091558 Mar 18 '12 at 17:50
nevermind i figured it out. Thanks – user1091558 Mar 18 '12 at 18:06
@user1091558 I added a link to their guide – Oskar Kjellin Mar 18 '12 at 18:07
this is a bad andswer: this is a company that spys/tracks everyone for there own gain. I like have a real open source framework where i can get at least 10-20 of the most popular services without 3rd party crap! – user1248092 Apr 2 '12 at 1:54

Hi I have a few Ideas...

  1. AddThis provides the most Share Options, supports customizations.

  2. OneAll is my personal favorite Social Sharing provider.

  3. Social Share Widget, a simple and easy to customize Sharing tool...

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