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Can we combine User Data Header for National Language Locking Shift Table and Concatenated SMS?

Concatenated Sms Header:

00 IEI for concatenated sms

03 Information element data length 

a1 A reference number 

03 This message has 3 parts 

01 This is part 1 

How can I add language locking shift table header to this header.

Example of language shift table header:

03 length of udh

24 single shift table

01 Information element data length

02 language of shift table

Thank you.

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Yes you can, you just need to create a UDH header that contains both the shift table and the concatenation header. So for your example above you need to have

08 - length of the whole UDH header (5 for concat + 3 for shift table)

00 - IEI for concatenation with 8 bit reference

03 - length of concat data

a1 - reference number

03 - 3 parts in total

01 - part 1

24 - IEI for single shift table ( if you want locking shift, use 25)

01 - length of shift table data

02 - spanish language


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