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I have a playframework Job class like this:

public class ImageDownloader extends Job {
 private String[] urls;
 private String dir;

 public ImageDownloader(){}
 public ImageDownloader(String[] urls,String dir){
   this.urls = urls;
   this.dir = dir;

 public void doJob() throws Exception {
   if(urls!=null && urls.length > 0){
     for (int i = 0; i < urls.length; i++) {
       String url = urls[i];

Play(1.2.4) has lots of amazing tools to make things easy.

So i wonder whether there's a way to make the downloading easy and beautiful in play ?

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There is a built-in HTTP client in Play.

With it, you can do HTTP requests like this:

HttpResponse res = WS.url("http://www.stackoverflow.com").get();

You can then get the content of the response in, for example, stream format:

InputStream is = res.getStream();
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