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I am trying to read an Excel in Perl which have values in format --> "12:21:33 PM"

I need to Compare the Values of two cells and then need to sort them our accordingly. But the issue is that when i tried to read the values and checked (by using Printf) some decimal values in form of .444432323232 is displayed and due to this i am unable to compare two values of time.

Plz suggest

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This is excel. The data and the display text are different. Datetime in excel stored as a real.

"Dates and times in Excel are represented by real numbers, for example "Jan 1 2001 12:30 AM" is represented by the number 36892.521."

Check these how to handle time in excel:


And check this module too: http://search.cpan.org/~aburs/DateTime-Format-Excel-0.31/lib/DateTime/Format/Excel.pm


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To retrieve the formatted value of a cell you should use the {'Text'} property instead of the {'Value'} property:


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