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I am trying to do tests on a class that implements Iterable. When I go to test any method,in the itorator class, like hasNext(), next(). So when I call list.itorator().Next(); nothing happens, the node is the current node in the list not the next. but when I do ListIterator itrList = new ListIterator(list); the code inside it works. I am calling public Iterator iterator() {return new ListIterator (this); So what am I not doing correctly/ grasping? Thanks for any help.

public void test6() {
    List<String> list = new List<String>();

    ListIterator itrList = new ListIterator(list);

    TextIO.putln(list.iterator().next()); // output is 1
    TextIO.putln(list.iterator().next()); // output is 1 
    TextIO.putln(itrList.next());         // output is 1
    TextIO.putln(itrList.next());         // now output is 2           
    assertEquals("1", list.getCurrent());
    assertEquals(3, list.size());

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You're creating a fresh iterator each time you call list.iterator(). You want to keep the same iterator and call its next method multiple times, e.g.

Iterator itr = list.iterator();
assertEquals(1, itr.next());
assertEquals(2, itr.next());
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Thank you very much. – Sloshy Mar 18 '12 at 20:03

You are creating a new iterator every time and starting over at the beginning.

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