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I'm running carbide 2.7 with 9.3 SDK FP2. I have two projects, one is an animation dll TARGETTYPE ANI and another is an exe that will invoke it.

what is the way that i should debug this in the emulator? what do i need to change so both the exe and dll are deployed in the emulator and i get to debug them?

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Well I don't have access right now to a working Carbide, but you will need surely the followings:

  • load both projects to your workspace
  • at the debugger configuration (something like Debug... or Debug settings, I don't remember), there is a "load symbols" options and then you have to select "from all projects in the workspace" or at least tick your two projects.
  • sometimes this does not work. You can try to load the symbols at runtime, there will be a "load symbols from" somewhere in the menu system, you have to select your dll binary here.
  • try to put a breakpoint at the entry point of your dll
  • if you debug on the device ensure that you copy the debug variant of your binaries into the sis

Debugging multiple binaries in carbide is a bit of matter of luck, sometime you succeed sometime you don't as this part of carbide has some bugs. However it is definitely possible, I did it already in the past :)

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thanks! i will try it tonight and update the question –  lurscher Mar 19 '12 at 14:27

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