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Is there a cross platform (OSX/Linux/Windows) tool similar in spirit to XDialog, that allows for a script in e.g. python, to prompt the user for input e.g. to answer a yes / no question, or to bring up a file selection dialog? A graphical prompt is preferable.

So far, I don't have a better approach than to write functions providing a uniform, cross platform API over a range of platforms, selecting the set of function implementations by testing for the specific platform in use.

I am currently using or intend to use:

with a fall back to printing to the console.

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Most Python distributions come with Tkinter and convenience modules like tkMessageBox and tkSimpleDialog.

from Tkinter import *
import tkMessageBox, tkSimpleDialog

root = Tk()
if tkMessageBox.askYesNo('Hello', 'May I ask a question?'):
    name = tkSimpleDialog.askstring('Query', 'Who are you?')
    tkMessageBox.showinfo('Response', 'You are %s.' % (name,))
    tkMessageBox.showinfo('Goodbye', 'Fine then.')

PyGTK, PyQt, PySide, and wxPython are also cross-platform.

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