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Is there a way to dereference a placeholder inside lambda expression ?

boost::function<int(MyClass*)> f = _1->myMethod();

I know I can make a binding:

boost::function<int(MyClass*)> f = boost::bind(&MyClass::myMethod, _1);

, but I want to build more complex expression, with if statements and so on.

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boost::function<int(Foo*)> func = (_1 ->* &Foo::bla); should work but does not compile for me and I haven't figured out why. – pmr Mar 18 '12 at 21:32
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In theory this should work:

struct Foo {
  int bla() { return 2; }

boost::function<int(Foo*)> func = (_1 ->* &Foo::bla);

There is an old discussion featuring various work-arounds on the Boost mailing list. All of them seem rather ugly. I'd stick with nested bindS or get a modern C++ compiler.

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