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I like to display results for my search form with ajax, it works great with text inputs but when it comes to sliders when I slide for example from 50 to 100, it sends a lot of requests but the thing is sometimes the request for 100 finishes before the request for 70 though the request for 100 has dispatched after the request for 70.

I can keep a variable and add it to the requests and increase that with every request and when an answer comes i can check if that is the answer for the most recent request but I don't want to introduce extra variables and work if there is a smarter way of handling this.


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How about a SetTimeout(), and ClearTimeout() after each Slider slide event?

Something along the lines of this

var SlideTimeout;
//use the correct event handler, this is just to show you the concept
    SlideTimeout = SetTimeout(SliderSearchCallbackFunction, 400);

Basically your Slider slide event handler will reset a timeout each time the event is triggered. After 400 milliseconds (found in the second parameter of the SetTimeout() function in the example) of that event not being called, it will call the function SliderSearchCallbackFunction, thus only searching once it's apparent that the user is done sliding.

You can change the timeout to a time that you feel fits your script the best.

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Ah, thanks for the fast response :) –  EralpB Mar 18 '12 at 21:58

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