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I've got Capybara installed on Rails but, if I drop into the debugger in my steps.rb file, and check out the contents of page.body it's always empty.

Completely clueless how to proceed. Should I check if Capybara is loaded in the environment - if so, how?

Should I initialize Capybara somewhere - if so, how?

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Did you visit your page? Sorry, I know it sounds silly but it's all I can think of given the above information. Can you try page.find('body') work instead?

Like this:

describe 'home page' do
  before :each do
    visit root_path
  it 'should have a body' do
    page.find('body').should_not be_nil
    page.find('body').text.should_not == ''
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This somehow sorted itself out. No idea how but, given you've supplied the only answer, and it seems plausible - I'm ticking this answer. – Snow Crash Mar 29 '12 at 10:17
Thank you Snow Crash. I'm glad to hear it's working :) – kikuchiyo Mar 29 '12 at 15:18

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