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Currently I try to learn node.js and my problem is, there is so so much articles, projects and mini-frameworks around, I'm really getting confused.

For instance, it seems like "SocketIO" is the most used library/framework for doing WebSockets communication. It feels like SocketIO is a little bloated. Actually I'm just looking for a library which supports the latest websockets protocol plus maybe a fallback to XHR.

Can somebody suggest some nice libs/frameworks beside SocketIO ?

Another question I have is about entire application frameworks for node.js. When does it make sense to use such frameworks ? Actually I'd like to use node.js "just like that", creating own http-servers, sockets, filereaders etc.

What is the big advantage to use frameworks ? Can somebody suggest node.js application frameworks with some strong reasons ?

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You raise some reasonable questions, but this question is too broad to get any good answers. All frameworks are built for some purpose - the question is, what are you trying to do? –  nrabinowitz Mar 18 '12 at 21:36
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As told in your other question, Express is a must-know when you're building web application with node. It will handle all the basic stuff you don't really want to mess with (routing, params, sessions, errors...) and allow you to add some other functions through "middlewares" (there are tons of them covering all your needs).

Ask yourself "what do you want to do ?" then go on node-toolbox and see if it exist. It will (99% chance).

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SocketIO is great for comet/push technologies. It is by no means bloated and the defacto standard on nodejs. There are some other alternatives if you want to do pubsub like Faye (and Juggernaut, which is built on socket.io). You can read about them more here: Faye vs. Socket.IO (and Juggernaut)

Node makes sense if you have a lot of low CPU, and high IO workloads. This is a good reflection of most web apps for which it is popularly used. The top node MVC project would be express. I recommend looking there if that is what you are interested in.

I'm a little confused by what you mean frameworks. Node itself is a framework, SocketIO is a framework, Express is a framework.

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