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I am trying to run the Ogre3D sample game on 64 bit Ubuntu 11.10 Linux using the default GUI build tool in the code::blocks IDE, however, every time I try to build my application, I get the following error messages:
ld.bfd.real||cannot find -lOgreMain_d|
ld.bfd.real||cannot find -lOIS_d|
I am utterly confused, as I have tried everything that leaps to mind.

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Have you installed the Ogre3D development packages from apt? It's looking for libraries to link to that don't exist. – Bojangles Mar 19 '12 at 0:06
@JamWaffles I have installed all the packages, and I even searched for and found the files and, but it doesn't seem to like those. – user1030453 Mar 19 '12 at 14:01

The "wizard" that C::B provided you with apparently links with the debug versions of Ogre3D and OIS, hence the _d suffix. You say you have found, and, I assume you typo'd here and meant and respectively. In that case, you installed the release version of Ogre3D or the packager ruined the naming convention (naming the Ogre3D debug libs without the _d suffix).

You have two possible solutions: install the debug builds of Ogre3D with the proper suffix, or a much easier fix is to simply link to and A similar problem was encountered by this fellow, scroll down to:

So to fix the errors "ld cannot find -lOgreMain_d" and "ld cannot find -lOIS_d" in the Build Messages pane, go to Project > Build options... in the Code::Blocks menu, and change the names of the link libraries shown on the Linker Settings tab for the Debug configuration by removing the _d from the end of both libraries' names: enter image description here

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