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Is it possible to allow users of my app to mark places on a map I display using Google Maps API? I need to then save that location coordinates in Variable.

I've been looking through the whole web about google maps API, I found some code

But I am not sure which part is for pin point, also i do not need any other code

Anyone have an link or code or tutorial ?


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2 Answers

I think what you are looking for is done by CommonsWare here

Also you can have onTap as mentioned by CW , but I think this will be more convinient as in map user are touch and pinch ..this will help them to better decide..this what I used in my apps..so use the above code for your requirement.Also, First download the whole project and see how it works.

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I have no idea how can i add this code to my Activity,because i have already MapActivity and Overlayitem so, i add Touchy class implements overlay and try to put the example in it, but it gives me RUN TIME ERROR! what should i do? –  user1257040 Mar 20 '12 at 6:07
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Is it possible to allow users of my app to mark places on a map I display using Google Maps API?

Add a custom Overlay to the MapView. In your Overlay, override onTap() to be notified of when the user taps on the screen. You are given a GeoPoint of the tap, from which you can get the latitude and longitude to record.

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can you give me example or tutorial , i am beginner and not that much with java and android,Thank you –  user1257040 Mar 20 '12 at 6:08
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