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I have an array in visual that is currently over 400 million values. I was wondering - how do I easily create an index of this array and store it to a save file to reduce the time spent iterating through the array and locating the 1st 0 for example. Also - if I am iterating 400 million times to locate the value I seek, don't I have to iterate through the index as instead? If this is the case, how does the index (which will be a larger array likely) improve my variable retrieval time if I simply end up having to iterate through a larger array?! (Maybe I've not thought this part through properly)

Indexes are very useful for speedup in MySQL Db's so this should be implementable.

Thanks in advance Martin

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There is a whole class of software called data bases that are specifically designed to store and retrieve data in an efficient manner. Any index you write will be some implementation of a well know algorithm already written and tuned in a DBMS. For .net you first choose would be sql server.

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Yeah I may utilise sql server to do this.. I just need to learn how to use it (thanks ms for msdn), hopefully I should be able to get large indexes :) – marscom Mar 18 '12 at 23:10

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