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I am writing an application with Python3 and GTK3 and I need some basic networking library.

Which choices do I have?
Do I need to integrate a package into the gtk main loop or is there some other way?
What about Twisted? Would the in-development python3 support work in my case? (I think Twisted supports gtk main-loop integration?) Is it a good idea to use it already?

Lots of questions :-)

Fabian Henze

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GIO is the IO library that GTK+ uses, but I don't see a reason why any other library can't be used. You just need to make sure that all UI changes are done within the GDK lock; the PyGTK FAQ (especially section 20) has some tips for this, although some of it may not be relevant to the new PyGObject.

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GIO does not work, because of a bug in pygobject. I will look into the PyGTK FAQ and will see if that helps – Fabian Henze Mar 19 '12 at 11:51

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