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I have two related tables, quite common case: Clients(CID, name, surname) and Visits(VID, VCID, dateOfVisit) - VCID is the Client ID. How to manipulate foreign keys, when I want database to delete Visits records relative to some Client, who I DELETE, and to delete Client, when I DELETE the last Visit of that client left?

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‘… delete Client, when I DELETE the last Visit of that client left’ – And what if you made a mistake in noting down the first ever visit of some lately added client, deleted it to re-enter again, and – whoops! – "Where's the client?!" – Andriy M Mar 19 '12 at 0:40

I would suggest you do a soft delete, so you can keep your Visits record.

Soft delete means you just add an extra field is_active default it to true, and when you delete the record flip it to false.

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you can automatically delete visits for deleted clients by using "on delete cascade". something like:

create table clients (id integer primary key);                                  
create table visits (id integer primary key,
                     client integer,
                     foreign key (client) references clients(id)
                       on delete cascade);

but going the other way (automatically deleting clients with no visits) is more difficult.

you can manually delete clients with no visits by executing:

delete from clients where id in
  (select cid from
     (select as cid, as vid
        from clients left join visits on ( = visits.client))
     where vid is null);                    

(and maybe there's something simpler?). so either run that every now and then, or create a trigger that runs it when something is deleted from visits (although if you're going to add a trigger it could use the deletion info to do something smarter).

or maybe someone with more time/energy than me can write an answer with the trigger...?

(as others have said, automatically deleting clients is pretty drastic behaviour - it's not something you'd normally want to do in a production system - apart from anything else, if clients need more visits they are going to be pretty annoyed if they have to enter their details again...)

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