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I'm using the jquery mask from Digital Bush: http://digitalbush.com/projects/masked-input-plugin/

I have a customer signup form which references a mask, however since my customer base is both in the U.S. and Canada I need the mask for postal/zip code to change:

Current mask rules:


The form is pretty standard and follows the following format:

<select id="country" name="country">
<option selected="selected" value="0"></option>
<option value="CA">Canada</option>
<option value="US">United States</option>

<input type="text" id="postal_code" name="postal_code" />

I was hoping someone could explain to me how I could change the $("postal_code").mask("a9a-9a9"); to $("postal_code").mask("99999"); when United States is selected from the drop down list.

Thanks in advance

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Something like this should work I guess...

$('#country').change(function () {
    var $selected = $(this).find('option:selected');
    if ($selected.val() === 'US') {
    } else {
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cool thanks, this will make it a lot easier –  Owen Walsh Mar 19 '12 at 0:50

Yes - Please see the working version here - I made a jsFIddle for you. it works according to your need.

you need to use unmask property before remask it here (previous link was dud.


$('#country').change(function () {

    if ($('#country option:selected').val() == 'US') {

    } else {

This will help; cheers

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Thanks, this also works like a charm. –  Owen Walsh Mar 19 '12 at 6:30
no worries man! lol spent some time to build it for you when you asked, but I reckon I missed you by few minutes, make sure you use unmask else there will be some weird behavior, have a good one, cheers –  Tats_innit Mar 19 '12 at 6:31

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