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My step definitions have gone out of control.

They are everywhere! I probably have many steps that do the same thing.

I think it's even slowing my cucumber features from running quicker.

Help I need some good guidance!

What's the best way to control the beast of which we call "bad code".

I'm searching for a repeatable technique that I can use over and over again till my features and steps are crisp and clean again.

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Can you be a bit more specific about the problems you have, more so than 'out of control' and 'they are everywhere'! What problems are you actually experiencing? – Jon M Mar 19 '12 at 2:31

Without more specifics it's hard to give a good answer, so I'll expand this if you can add more detail to your question, but some general advice:

  1. Organise your step files by the functional component of your application on which they operate, or the models that they deal with e.g. 'searching_steps', 'customer_steps', etc. This should make it easier to find the available steps, and make it less likely that you'll inadvertently add a duplicate step.
  2. If your step definitions contain a lot of logic, extract it into helper methods (described on the cucumber wiki).
  3. If you have steps that are very similar, you can add parameters to your extracted helper methods, and re-use the extracted method between the similar steps. This reduces duplication between steps.
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