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I have two different types of Lists

class A


int number;

string name;


class B


int number;


List<A> a1;

List<B> b1;

And now both the lists were populated and now i want to remove items(number) in list a1 if that item(number) not exists in list b1.tried the below approach


but the result is not as expected.Please help me...

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I think you want this:

a1.RemoveAll(a=> !b1.Any(b=> b.number == a.number));

Be aware though that this is O(n^2). A more performant approach would be using a HashSet<int> (this might not matter for small lists but be aware of this for larger ones):

 HashSet<int> bNums = new HashSet<int>(b1.Select(b => b.number));
 a1.RemoveAll(a => !bNums.Contains(a.number));
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