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Hi all i want to multiple select the items from a dropdown list. I know it is possible on listbox and also with checkboxes but is there a way i can multiple select by writing a javascript or something else?



  1. Item1
  2. Item2
  3. Item3
  4. Item4

Multiple select result in ddl: Item1,Item3,Item4

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It's impossible for DropDwonList. You have to do this yourself. Here is a sample which might help you: click me

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DropDownList has two preperties


You can store two values in each. The DataTextField will be visible and DataValueField will be in the back not visible to the user but you can fetch that as

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Nope, you should use a ListBox or CheckBoxList. This is what they are for. It's probably not a good idea to implement a custom interface when there is already a built-in way to do this, as this will most likely surprise the user.


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