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I have a declared an Object something like below:

var seriesOptions = {
y: 99

In my code I keep creating adding new objects and add as a property to seriesOptions object :

drilldown = {
x: [90,20,40]
categories = {
z: [20,30,40.50]
values = {


seriesOptions['drilldown'] = drilldown
seriesOptions.drilldown['categories'] = categories;
seriesOptions.drilldown['values'] = values;

where drilldown, categories and values are another object

Now I have to copy try to copy seriesOptions object into another array seriesOpts like in a chain format

if(seriesOpts.length == 0)
     seriesOpts[seriesOpts.length - 1].drilldown = $.extend(true, {}, seriesOptions);

meaning that the new seriesOptions would be chained under last seriesOptions.drilldown object.

My issue is that I am not able to see the seriesOptions.y value in

seriesOpts[seriesOpts.length - 1].drilldown

object? I am expecting something like below:

seriesOpts[x].y : 99

seriesOpts[x].drilldown.y : 99

Please let me know what wrong I am doing in my code?

Note I am using $.extend to copy the object to new one. So how can I retain both old and new values like : seriesOpts[x].y and seriesOpts[x].drilldown.y are accessible?

Thanks in advance.

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Right before if(seriesOpts.length == 0) do a console.log(seriesOpts.length) because seriesOpts is defined as object and length might include prototype functions. –  GRIGORE-TURBODISEL Mar 19 '12 at 4:26
console.log shows correct value at that level –  Prakash Mar 19 '12 at 4:32
seriesOpts will only ever have length 0 or 1, it will never go beyond since if length is 1, then seriesOpts[0].drilldown is relpaced by a new "extended" object. And there will never be more than one seriesOpts[0].drilldown.drilldown. So you can only ever access seriesOpts[0].y after the first iteration and seriesOpts[0].drilldown.y after all subsequent (2+) iterations. –  RobG Mar 19 '12 at 6:31
Firebug does not shows me seriesOpts[0].drilldown.yvalue. It only shows me seriesOpts[0].y value - when I do console logging as console.log(seriesOpts). Please let me know if I am missing something you wanted to state –  Prakash Mar 19 '12 at 8:19

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I think this else block is wrong

$.extend(true, {}, seriesOptions);

It should use this

$.extend(true, {}, seriesOptions.drilldown);
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I tried that way also but do not get the desired objective –  Prakash Mar 19 '12 at 4:37

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