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For example, when compiling .c files, I want cmake to just print

CC    xxx.c

to stdout, like linux kbuild.

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CMake output can be customized by suppressing the standard messages produced by CMake and outputting a custom message in a launcher script instead. Add the following code to your outermost CMakeLists.txt:


Setting the global RULE_MESSAGES property to OFF will suppress the standard messages. The global RULE_LAUNCH_COMPILE property is set to a custom launch script named custom_output.sh which needs to be added to the root of the CMake source tree:


# shell script invoked with the following arguments

# extract parameters
SOURCE_FILE="${@: -1:1}"
OBJECT_FILE="${@: -3:1}"

echo "CC `basename \"$SOURCE_FILE\"`"

# invoke compiler
exec "$@"

The script's executable bit needs to be set.

The linker output can be customized in the same fashion by also setting a RULE_LAUNCH_LINK script.

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This is not possible in the current version of CMake, without editing the source yourself. Of course sed and awk will help you.

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