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Does anyone know how can I reset the username and password for CouchDB ?

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Hope this help :- – ajreal Mar 19 '12 at 6:34
Re-Installing couchDb worked :-) – linktoarun Mar 27 '12 at 11:10
You don't have anything important in the existing database? – ajreal Mar 27 '12 at 11:12
Yes, you are right i was just playing around what all options are there in couchDB. Can you please provide few reference/resource i should look to start with,if you have an idea ? – linktoarun Mar 27 '12 at 11:19 – ajreal Mar 27 '12 at 11:20

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This worked for me: while couchdb is stopped,

  1. clear the [admin] section in your */etc/couchdb/local.ini
  2. delete the _users.couch database (located in */var/lib/couchdb/)

This will reset the user database to factory defaults (admin party!) and wipe all of couchdb's user accounts. There might be a more subtle way

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Works great, thanks a lot. A word of WARNING: This is very useful for development and test databases without any real users. If you do this on a production database all your user accounts will be gone, which is a BAD thing ;) – user673046 Jun 9 '13 at 20:46
I did that, how do i restart the couchdb now. It still says you are not an admin when trying to restart db using curl – Utsav Gupta Mar 5 at 23:54

What I've done it's quite simple. I found out my old username and password here:


After that I went to opt/couchbase/bin/ and run

./couchbase-cli cluster-init -c localhost:8091 -u old_user -p old_password --cluster-init-username=new_user --cluster-init-password=new_password

Done! Also you can check this:

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that's really great. Thanks – linktoarun Aug 27 '12 at 10:16
With welcome! If it solve your problem, you can accept this answer :) – WhiteMonk Aug 29 '12 at 8:44
i forgot both id as well as password so what should i do ? – M.Raheel Sep 29 '14 at 9:43
Couchbase is not exactly the same thing as CouchDB. – MrYellow Jan 12 at 1:18

With Apache CouchDB, admin accounts passwords can be changed by editing a file local.ini in the CouchDB config folder (/etc/couchdb/ on most Linux installs). [1]

Look for the [admin] section, which will list the all admin usernames, along with their hashed passwords:

foo = -pbkdf2-0e0e83f911c970565fc988497a657bdc21a005e8,19ecef0bea1caf8d7f08fb791379c686,10

Replace the password hash with a new clear text password:

foo = bar

Now restart CouchDB (sudo restart couchdb on Ubuntu). CouchDB will notice the clear text password on startup and automatically replace it with the hashed version.

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For mac users, base folder is /Library/Application Support/couchdb

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Or more likely ~/Library/Application Support/couchdb, unless you installed CouchDB as root – adamvert Jun 22 at 8:07
And if you used Homebrew to install it, the local.ini is at /usr/local/etc/couchdb/local.ini. – adamvert Jun 22 at 8:13

for Unix:

/opt/couchbase/bin/erl \
-noinput -eval \
'case file:read_file("/opt/couchbase/var/lib/couchbase/config/config.dat") of {ok, B}  ->     io:format("~p~n", [binary_to_term(B)]) end.' \
-run init stop | grep cred
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This one worked for retrieving my current password without resetting. Thanks ConAim. – nohup Apr 10 at 15:05

One more point to add ...

If you are running Couch DB on Windows, then probably it was installed as a service and to reset it you need to stop service first, within running service other answers do not work.

Open Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Services and stop Apache Couch DB

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