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I try to show Mysql result as table inside <div> after click submit button, but it just only show <table></table>. No problem found during posting value to process page. so far, my script like :

<form id="myform">
<button id="input" type="button" class="ui-state-default ui-corner-all"><span>Submit </span></button>
<input name="action" value="openreport" type="hidden">
<div id="show"></div>

      var params=$("#myform").serialize();
              cache :false,
              async :false,
              success : function(result) {

page go.php:

    >     $dbc=mysql_connect(_SRV, _ACCID, _PWD) or die(_ERROR15.": ".mysql_error());
    >     mysql_select_db("qdbase") or die(_ERROR17.": ".mysql_error());
    >     switch (postVar('action')) {
    >             case 'openreport':
    >                     openreport(postVar('model'),postVar('line'),postVar('lot_no'));
    >                     break;
    >                     }
    >     function openreport($model,$line,$lot_no){
    >             $Model = mysql_real_escape_string($model);
    >             $Line = mysql_real_escape_string($line);
    >             $Lot = mysql_real_escape_string($lot_no);
    >             $group=" GROUP BY DATE ";
    >             $sql="SELECT Range_sampling,DATE(Inspection_datetime) AS DATE FROM
    > inspection_report WHERE Model LIKE '".$Model."'"; 
    >                 $sql.="AND Line LIKE '".$Line."' AND Lot_no LIKE '".$Lot."'".$group;
    >                 $result=mysql_query($sql) or die(_ERROR26.": ".mysql_error());
    >                 echo "<table border='1'>

> <tr>
>     <th>Firstname</th>
>     <th>Lastname</th>
>     </tr>";
>     while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result))
>       {
>     echo("<tr><td>$row[0]</td><td>$row[1]</td></tr>");
>     //  echo "<tr>";
>     //  echo "<td>" . $row['Range_sampling'] . "</td>";
>     //  echo "<td>" . $row['DATE'] . "</td>";
>     //  echo "</tr>";
>       }
>     echo "</table>";
>     mysql_close($dbc);
>         }
>         ?>

I have no idea because i'm not really understand how to show mysql result as a html table.

only show table header

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You're mixing up server-side and client-side things...Wait, is that table being printed inside the javascript code block?? (which hasn't a "<script>" tag around, btw). Anyway, when the html is served the php has already been executed. You should put that php code in the "go.php" and have it response back the table –  Damien Pirsy Mar 19 '12 at 6:48
@DamienPirsy: no,actually that is in different page. –  nunu Mar 19 '12 at 6:49
How do I tell from the code you posted? I see php code right inside the click() method. Separate the code blocks if they are on different pages, otherwise it'll be difficult to understand what you're doing.. –  Damien Pirsy Mar 19 '12 at 6:51
As soon as your PHP script echo's something, the AJAX request ends and considers that to be the result. Thus, you cannot have multiple echo statements. Use string concat and echo when you're done building the string. –  xbonez Mar 19 '12 at 6:58
Make sure form has an id="myform", the div has id="show", and submit has id="submit". @xbonez: that's incorrect. The ajax request doesn't end until the PHP script ends. –  Herbert Mar 19 '12 at 7:02

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The AJAX call is made only if a button is clicked that has an id of “submit”; however, your submit button has an id of “input”. Try changing the line that reads:




As Yun suggested, to keep <div id="show">...</div> wrapped around the table, change




I don’t know if this will help or not, but it’s the only thing that stands out to me.

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instead of replaceWith to preserve the div

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you can simply load the results of your php page into div

    $('div#show').load('go.php',params,function() {alert('Loaded!'); });

Just make sure that you replace POST with REQUEST in your php file. The POST method is used if data is provided as an object; otherwise, GET is assumed.

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And, you can be more specific with the url if you only want to load the table i.e go.php#tableID –  Nirav Gandhi Mar 19 '12 at 7:32

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