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I have a ComboBox in my wpf application. It's ItemsSource is binded to some table in my DataSet. I need the text property to be binded to another's object property . I doesn't work because the ComboBox doesn't want to get two DataContexts. How can I solve this problem?

 <StackPanel Width="Auto" Height="Auto" MinWidth="296" Orientation="Vertical" x:Name="MyStackPanel">                      
     <ComboBox x:Name="MyComboBox" ItemsSource="{Binding}" Text={Binding Path=MyProperty} />

In the code behind :

MyComboBox.DataContext = MyDataSet.Tables[MyTable];
MyStackPanel.DataContext = MyObject;

I want the ComboBox to show items from one DataContext but to show the text from another DataContext. How can I do it?

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what exactly is your requirement?? –  gaurawerma Mar 19 '12 at 7:14
@gaurawerma The items of ComboBox are from one datacontext and the the text property is binded to another DataContext - doesn't work... –  N.D Mar 19 '12 at 7:39

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Don't use DataContext. Set the Source property of your bindings in XAML or create the bindings in code and set the Source property there.

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Why are you assigning something to the datacontext of the stackpanel? From the looks of it, its not used.

Your code should work if MyDataSet.Tables[MyTable] returns an enumeration and contains a property called MyProperty.

What do you mean when you say that the combobox "doesn't want to get two DataContexts"?

Look into the properties IsEditable and IsReadOnly of the combobox.

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Something like

 <ComboBox x:Name="MyComboBox" ItemsSource="{Binding}" Text={Binding ElementName=MyStackPanel Path=DataContext.MyProperty} />
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