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my project involves money transaction and selling of physical goods just like amazon,flipkart etc..and is it possible to sell physical goods by using a paypal API and also
with my reference in other questions i was about to get some conclusions

App store will reject apps with paypal integration and they will accept only when there is involvement of charity,and donation Appstore require 30 % of revenue from the app if its transferring money through the app

is there any way which should be most accurate to integrate the paypal within the app,avoiding the rejection?

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And this is why I don't support iPhones. Bloody scams :-/ – user166390 Mar 19 '12 at 7:11
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The thing is that you shouldnt use the payment methods for accessing your app, for example: Remove ads, get extra levels, etc., Its because you are trying to cut that 30% pay to apple. So in this case you must use in-app purchases.

But you can use the payment methods for shopping, donation, charity, etc.

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