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Hi i have a javascript code like this

    var a=10;
    var b="100";        

Actually it should show an error when we are subtracting a number from a string but it is showing as 90 as output but when we do b+a it is showing 10010 as output what is this behaviour.

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When you subtract, Javascript attempts to cast the String b to Number, because there is no - operation defined for String.

When you use the + sign, Javascript attempts to cast the Number a to a String, because + is defined as concatenation for a String.

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Thanks nice explanation... –  Prabhavith Mar 19 '12 at 7:18

the - operator in JavaScript only applies to math, so your vars are both converted to numbers. You'll only get an error (or more specifically NaN) if you try to do invalid math, e.g. 100 - 'a'. The + operator is valid for both strings and numbers, so its behavior changes:

  • If both vars are numbers, mathematical additions is used
  • otherwise string concatenation is used
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