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Using Tango with D1:

class C 
    private int j;
    public int opBinary(char[] op: "+") (ref C x) { return 1; }
    public int opBinary(char[] op: "+") (C x) { return 3; }

int opBinary(char[] op: "+") (ref C x, ref C y) { return 2; }
int opBinary(char[] op: "+") (C x, C y) { return 2; }

void main() {
    C a = new C;
    C b = new C;

    int j = a + b;

Compiler error:

"incompatible types"

meaning the overloaded operators weren't matched.

Can't wait to get the hang of D.

Thanks much.

OH Yea: I'm using Tango with D1, so maybe that's why it's not working? I'd like to stick with Tango. Has anyone used Tango + D2?

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Someone needs to make a D++ so google will come up with the right search results. –  Enjoys Math Mar 19 '12 at 8:08
A couple of useful links for you: dlang.org/operatoroverloading.html#Binary and github.com/SiegeLord/Tango-D2 –  Raxillan Mar 19 '12 at 8:50
The recommended approach is to google for "D programming". –  FeepingCreature Mar 19 '12 at 9:13

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In D1 templated operator overloading using opBinary, etc. doesn't work. You need to use opAdd, opSub, etc.

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