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db.execSQL("INSERT OR REPLACE INTO 'sms' (sms_id,text) VALUES (10,'__[ ]__|"?___'-@------@- '');");

run it on sqlite and show this line to me:

SQLiteManager: Likely SQL syntax error: INSERT INTO 'sms' (sms_id,text) VALUES (10,'__[ ]__|"?___'-@------@- ''); [ unrecognized token: "@" ]
Exception Name: NS_ERROR_FAILURE
Exception Message: Component returned failure code: 0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) [mozIStorageConnection.createStatement]

i need a code to insert any text with any symbol

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navidonline, use StringEscapeUtils.escapeSql(string) details decription StringEscapeUtils –  ρяσѕρєя K Mar 19 '12 at 7:56
and one more help escaping string in SQLite –  ρяσѕρєя K Mar 19 '12 at 8:00

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Hello I think you should look at escaping qutes with double qutes '' in SQLite

Sqlite FAQ Site - Escaping quotes

So in your case:

INSERT INTO 'sms' (sms_id,text) VALUES (10,'__[ ]__|"?___''-@------@- '');
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this entry post by user and i cant change it –  Navidonline Mar 19 '12 at 7:30
I don't understand. Please explain what you mean. –  r.piesnikowski Mar 19 '12 at 7:49
my app users send message to my server and i can not change message of them.i need a code to insert any text with any symbol –  Navidonline Mar 19 '12 at 8:13
found my answer use: db.execSQL("INSERT INTO 'sms' (sms_id,text) VALUES (10,"''"+DatabaseUtils.sqlEscapeString("text")+"''");"); thanks guys –  Navidonline Mar 19 '12 at 8:55

There are usually wrapper functions like

  sql_execute('INSERT INTO `table`(a,b,c) VALUES (?,?,?)',1,2,3); 

and those ? question marks do the quotes and whatever else it needs to get your data in.

Not sure for Android but its in most programming frameworks.

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thanks but its not my answer –  Navidonline Mar 19 '12 at 7:27

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