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The problem is that one of our terms could be very common (for example number "3"). In that case I would like to limit the amount of search result Scored while Lucene is running the Query. Is that even possible? Just to emphasize - I don't want just to limit Lucene search results (that could easily be done using second number parameter in IndexSearher.Search method). I want to tell Lucene something like - don't spent too much time searching hits for that specific term. In case you found, let's say, a 1,000,000 - stop looking and go to other terms.

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So this is a performance problem? –  Reactormonk Mar 19 '12 at 12:01
Yes, definitely. –  Maxim Terletsky Mar 19 '12 at 14:09

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No, you can't. As you might know, absolute scores are meaningless in Lucene, so there's no support for them.

Because the term is really common, the idf will be high (or low, depending on your perspective) so it will probably be relatively inconsequential due to Lucene's pruning algorithms. You can always change the boost to make it matter even less, but I'd double check that this is really your performance bottleneck.

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