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In F# array2Ds are mutable which doesn't make for the most functional code. At the moment, I'm hiding this by doing a Array2D.copy of my inputs when I want to make a change and return the array. i.e.

let test (x : int[,]) =
    let y = Array2D.copy x
    y.[0,0] <- 3

Is there a better approach that makes test more functional?

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You can always use high-order functions on Array2D module to work with Array2D in a functional style. Particularly, Array2D.mapi operating on array indices is suitable for this task:

let test (xs: int[,]) =
   xs |> Array2D.mapi (fun i j x -> if i=0 && j=0 then 3 else x) 


Generally speaking, your test function is fine since you can limit side effects inside the function only. You need to be more careful in the case of nested arrays; however, writing your own functions with controlled side effects usually gives better performance than using high-order functions for Array2D.

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