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I want to test a web application URL which requires gyroscope.

I have installed xcode and simulated an iphone4 but if I try to access any gyroscope enabled web application it does not work. I searched and found I have to add some hardware capabilities for it. Can anyone tell me the process I can follow to simulate a gyroscope enabled iPhone using Xcode?

Currently I don't have a iphone with gyroscope and don't want to buy one just for testing.

I am running: Xcode Version 4.3.1 (4E1019) and Mac mini with Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3 (11D50d)

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Seeing as though your computer doesn't have gyroscopes, I'm sorry to say that no this can't be simulated. –  0x7fffffff Apr 7 '12 at 5:41

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You can't check gyroscope functionality in simulator using xcode.. you'll have to test on real device..

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