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So I just installed the Typesafe Stack via the universal install (download a .zip and un-zipping it into my /usr/local directory. I looked at the website and it mentioned sbt and g8, so I first typed sbt to see what would happen and it just gave me a little error about how there was no project in the current directoy. Then I typed g8 and it started downloading a bunch of stuff... though I'm not sure what. Can anyone tell me? Picture attached.

Additionally, does the Typesafe stack come with Scala and Akka? The website seems to say it does, but if I remove my original Scala 2.9 path from .bash_profile and then restart Terminal, it complains that it doesn't exist.


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The universal install comes with a README. It says:

g8 is a project templating tool. You can use this to generate a quick project outline for one of the libraries in the typesafe stack. Examples include:

  • g8 typesafehub/akka-java-maven
  • g8 typesafehub/akka-scala-sbt
  • g8 typesafehub/play-scala
  • g8 typesafehub/play-java

Why don't you give one of those a try? After creating your project, cd into the directory and start sbt.

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I see, but what does typing g8 by itself do? Does it just install the files g8 needs? – adelbertc Mar 19 '12 at 15:54
Also, what do I need to do to complete wipe it from my system? I want to remove the Typesafe stack completely, and then "properly" install it via Homebrew so I can get the whole package (Scala, Akka, SBT, g8). Do I just need to remove the folder typesafe-stack ? – adelbertc Mar 19 '12 at 16:18
If I run g8 I get a nice usage message, i.e. running it without arguments just prints some messages and then stops. I think removing the exploded archive will do the job. There might already be some artifacts from g8, sbt, etc. in your home directory, but they probably won't hurt. – Heiko Seeberger Mar 20 '12 at 11:55

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