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In Quicktime Player X, when you want to start a screen recording, you can either record the whole screen or drag to select a region. In the latter case, if you want a specific size (e.g., 1280x720), the best you can do is guess as you are dragging the mouse.

Can I use AppleScript to tell Quicktime Player to select a specific region size? I'll be happy to drag it into its final location manually, but if I could at least automate the part of initially specifying the region size, I'd be happy.

Is this possible? Where do I start looking for documentation?

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Probably it's not what you want (which is why this isn't an answer, merely a comment), but there's a terrific cheap screen recording application called iShowU I'm afraid custom selection rectangles are not part of the features of QuickTime Player. At least nothing of the sort is to be found in its AppleScript dictionary. – fanaugen Mar 19 '12 at 15:52

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