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As a mqtt client connected to mosquitto is it possible to retrieve a list of client IDs who are also connected to the broker?

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It might be better discussing this on the mosquitto mailing list:

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one way to implement this is let the client publish a message with topic "status/client-id" and payload "1" every time when it connects the broker, and with payload "0" when it disconnects.

Then on the server(broker) side, setup another client subscribe to the topic "status/#", when it gets any message like this, store the client-id and payload(connected or not) into database.

then you can read the database to know exactly which client is online or offline.

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if you would read you would know I just figured this out before a year myself ;) –  Andreas Linden Mar 12 '13 at 10:35
good to know. do you find a better/more efficient way to do it? :) just want to learn –  horacex Mar 12 '13 at 13:00
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well i now created a workaround using a PHP script: it starts the mosquitto broker, reads the output and if someone connects or disconnects it sends an xml string with the connected clients to the broker. (the posted code is a bit simplified as I adiddionally query a database for more information about the user)


if (!$handle = popen('mosquitto 2>&1', 'r')) {

    die('could not start mosquitto');

function usersToXML($users) {

    $xml = '<?xml version="1.0"?><userlist>';
    foreach($users as $user) {

        $xml .= '<user>' .
            '<id><![CDATA['. $user->id .']]></id>' .

    $xml .= '</userlist>';
    return $xml;

function updateBroadcast($users) {

    $conn = new SAMConnection();
    $conn->Connect(SAM_MQTT, array(
        SAM_HOST => '',
        SAM_PORT => 1883

     $conn->Send('topic://broadcast', (object)array('body' => usersToXML($users)));

while($line = fread($handle, 2096)) {

    echo $line;
    if (preg_match('/New client connected from .+ as user_(\d+)./', $line, $regs)) {

        $user = (object)array('id' => $regs[1]);
        $connectedUsers[$user->id] = $user;

    } else if (preg_match('/Received DISCONNECT from user_(\d+)/', $line, $regs) ||
        preg_match('/Client user_(\d+) has exceeded timeout, disconnecting./', $line, $regs) ||
        preg_match('/Socket read error on client user_(\d+), disconnecting./', $line, $regs)) {

        if (isset($connectedUsers[$regs[1]])) {


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very much similar with mine. i used another client to just to manage the "status/client-id" topic. –  horacex Mar 12 '13 at 13:01

A good work-around for this is to have the clients(if possible) define a Last will and testament(LWT). Your server will subscribe to a special topic where the LWT will be published to and assume all clients as online unless they publish to that topic.

MQTT what is the purpose or usage of Last Will Testament?

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