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In our application, the backend is accessed via Zend_XmlRpc. In the backend, I'm using Zend_Http_Client together with Zend_Http_Client_Adapter_Curl to connect to another web service over HTTPS.

During unit tests, everything works as expected and the remote service is accessible. But when the frontend connects via Zend_XmlRpc to the backend and causes the backend to do the exact same thing like the unit tests do, I get the following error:

inet_pton(): Unrecognized address test.example.com#0 (url changed)

This is caused by Zend_Validate_Ip->isValid('test.example.com').

The only difference I can spot is the additional frontend-backend-connection which is also using Zend components for communicating. Everything else is the same.

Anybody any idea?

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2 Answers

Looks like it might be a resolver issue in the server and zf isn't catching it beforehand. It's getting a hostname where it should be getting an IP address (obviously), and it can't convert a string to a binary IP address

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It was an error in Zend_Validate that was fixed with release 1.9.

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