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I thought this is a purpose of the systems that are called Single Sigh On, but I can't achieve this so started to doubt if it is possible.

I have two Tomcats 6, one with 'gateway', another with 'agent' installed, of Josso 1.8.5. No JBOSS etc is present.

I can login on agentized tomcat with credentals that are held in the gateway Josso => there is connection; but I should log in separately on another tomcat app, and I can provide different user-password.

The goal is make the user be logged in in all partner apps in all tomcats that use Josso.

My set up was made reading the following:


Really it works, but doesn't 'propagate' (not sure of the term) login to all partner applications

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sorry for formatting links as code - the site detected code somewhere and refused to post it without that. –  fedd Mar 19 '12 at 8:49

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Yes this is possible. I implemented the SSO with a central JOSSO gateway hosted on tomcat and partner application hosted on IIS and other tomcat instance.

It was a GWT-P application and we used spring-security framework, so we basically had to rewrite all the agent logic, however, I assure you that it is possible :)

It is hard to directly help you, but you can check these scenarii:

If you can do this basic checks, then you should be really close to find a solution.

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