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I need to achieve the following query - tags is an internal array in my document, and I need to query documents that tags contains 'a' and 'b' and ('c' or 'd')

can I do that with mongomapper?

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Basically you need to do a query like this:

db.test.find({$and:[{tags:'a'},{tags:'b'}, {$or:[{tags:'c'}, {tags:'d'}] }]})

With mongomapper, try this:

  "$and" => [
    :tags => 'a',
    :tags => 'b',
    "$or" => [:tags => 'c', :tags => 'd']
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Based on mpobrien's answer...but with correct syntax:

  :tags.all => ['a', 'b'],
  :$and => [{:tags.in => ['c', 'd']}]

Or, more directly Mongolike...

  :tags => {
    :$all => ['a', 'b'],
    :$in  => ['b', 'c']
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You probably can't do :tags.all => [...], :tags.in => [...] because of the way plucky resolves queries, hence the extra :$and clause. –  Brian Hempel Mar 19 '12 at 20:01
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