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I made a chart using g.Raphael:

    var r = Raphael("pieChart"),
            pie = r.piechart(320, 240, 100, [55, 20, 13, 32, 5, 1, 2, 10]);

            r.text(320, 100, "Interactive Pie Chart").attr({ font: "20px sans-serif" });
                alert('hi');//not work!


Later I added the click event to pie.sector, but my event is not work... any one know the right way to handle gRaphael with jQuery?

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Here you go

Iterate over you pie slices and add click handler to them

for(var index_i=0;index_i < pie.covers.items.length;index_i++){

var clickSomeSlice = function () {
    alert("clicked on\t"+this.label[1].attrs.text);

Here a complete jsfiddle example

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Just select the pie

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I need to add different event with each sectors... – 3gwebtrain Mar 19 '12 at 13:28

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