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How do one create a COMException given a HRESULT?

I have P/Invoke:ed a win32-method which returns a HRESULT.
If it returns failure I wish to throw a COMException, with the standard error-text.
How should I do that?

  1. throw new COMException(null, hResult)

  2. COMException e = new COMException;
    e.HResult = hResult;
    throw e;

Or should I use some other method?

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You should use Marshal.GetExceptionForHR() if you only want to get the exception, or Marshal.ThrowExceptionForHR() if want to throw it too.

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I would look into the PreserveSig field on your DllImport call. This will generate an exception for any non S_OK HRESULT returned from the function.

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Would that make functions that return e.g. S_FALSE throw? That would be weird, but probably better than not being able to differentiate it from S_OK. – svick Mar 19 '12 at 10:08

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