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I have a function that keeps track of events that happen through out the script. In an effort to use my resources effectively, I decided to compress the data that it generates. However, I keep getting this error:

Unknown error type: [2] gzuncompress() [function.gzuncompress]: data error

Here's the function:

function eventlog($type, $message){
    // Types: account,run,queue,system
    // Set up file name/location
    $eventfile = '/myprivatedirectory/'.date('Ymd').$type.'.log';


        $fh_log = fopen($eventfile,'r+');
        flock($fh_log, LOCK_EX);
        $logcontents = gzuncompress(fread($fh_log,filesize($eventfile)));

        ftruncate($fh_log, 0);

        $logcompressed = gzcompress($logcontents.$message."\n");
        flock($fh_log, LOCK_UN);
    } else {
        $fh_log = fopen($eventfile,'w');
        flock($fh_log, LOCK_EX);
        $logcompressed = gzcompress($message."\n");
        flock($fh_log, LOCK_UN);

So everyday, at midnight, a new error log is created as any of the above events occur (account,run,queue,system), otherwise each new event is appended to the respectful log file.

I would love to keep the compression, but I can not keep having these errors, can anyone please help? Thanks in advance.

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file_put_contents would save you a lot of trouble here. –  Jon Mar 19 '12 at 10:12
I am trying this with file_get_contents and so far no problem. –  Serj Sagan Mar 19 '12 at 21:17

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I think the implementation is all wrong i would not advice you to gzcompress($message."\n"); every message ...

I think what you should do is that at the end of the day you can compress the whole log file which is more efficient

Save your information using


At the end of the day

$eventfile = '/myprivatedirectory/'.date('Ymd').$type.'.log';
$eventfileCompressed = '/myprivatedirectory/'.date('Ymd').$type.'.gz';
$gz = gzopen($eventfileCompressed ,"w9");
gzwrite($gz, file_get_contents($eventfile));

To read the file

$zd = gzopen($eventfileCompressed,"r");
$zr = gzread($zd,$fileSize);

This approach would save you more processing power

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You're right, this is the best option, however, all of my cron spots are full, I'll just have to tack this onto the end of another one of my crons. –  Serj Sagan Mar 19 '12 at 21:18

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