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I have the following line in my controller:

$data['faq'] = $this->faqModel->get();  

This data print the following using the print_r

[faq] => Array
        [0] => Array
                [faqid] => 12
                [catid] => 122
                [question] => How this CMS works
                [question_en] => How this CMS works
                [answer] => How this CMS works?
                [answer_en] => How this CMS works?

                [sorder] => 2
                [visible] => 1

        [1] => Array
                [faqid] => 8
                [catid] => 121
                [question] => How does the design cost?
                [question_en] => How does the design cost?
                [answer] => How does the design cost?

                [answer_en] => How does the design cost?

                [sorder] => 1
                [visible] => 1



I want to use the value stored in the [catid] key, and I am trying to do something like: $data['faq']['catid'] to get that value in the controller (I want to make another select with that value) But I am getting with this error message: Undefined index: catid

Anyone can help me to get the value of ['catid']???

Regards, Zoran

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You are missing index before catid $data['faq'][0]['catid'] –  arma Mar 19 '12 at 10:11
thanks arma, it works now. –  Zoran Mar 19 '12 at 10:26

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Its 3 dimensional array u look closely there is two elements in faq array. You must wrote something like this: $data['faq'][0]['catid'] or $data['faq'][1]['catid']

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The way you are accessing the array is incorrect, you are missing the item index on the second level. The correct way to use it as you are doing would be to do

echo $data['faq'][0]['faqid']; //faqid of the first item

However, this will only show one faqid at a time, and it not so useful when you are iterating. So, a good way would be this way.

foreach($data['faq'] as $value) {
 echo $value['faqid'];
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