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Using the Qt DBus library, I'm having a hard time registering an object implementing multiple interfaces.

  <interface name="x.I1"> <method name="foo"/> </interface>
  <interface name="x.I2"> <method name="bar"/> </interface>

I have an implementation of both interfaces using C++ multiple inheritance.

class Impl : public x.I1, public x.I2 {
   void foo(){}
   void bar(){}

The qtdbusxml2cpp tool generates me a DBusAdaptor for each of the interfaces, but the QDBusConnection doesn't have a method to add an interface implementor to that object.

And I want to publish this object on a DBus service.

QDBusConnection conn=QDBusConnection::sessionBus();
conn.registerObject("/obj",new DBusAdaptor????(&myObject) );

Do I have to implement my own adaptor to achieve this?

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You can't inherit from 2 QDBusAbstractAdaptor classes, because they themselves inherit from QObject which doesn't support multiple inheritance, and from QtDBus Adaptor documentation:

The class must also contain one Q_CLASSINFO entry with the "D-Bus Interface" name, declaring which interface it is exporting. Only one entry per class is supported.

So you can't implement yourself an adaptor that would support multiple interfaces.

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thanks. It seems that e.g. the dbus-cxx project supports multiple interfaces per object better. – xtofl Mar 20 '12 at 11:04

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